AC and Lightning Mitigation (ACLM)

A jointly shared ROW between high voltage power lines and pipeline systems are complicated issues to resolve. You need AC and Lightning Mitigation. Issues present in the forms of safety risks to people and personnel such as increased step-touch potentials or even cause integrity problems in the form of AC Corrosion.

C&S Lease Service is now proud to offer a multitude of solutions to cover every aspect of your AC and Lightning Mitigation (ACLM) needs. Incorporating the latest regulatory compliance guidelines, our mitigation solutions integrate a wide range of testing and installation techniques. These techniques, compiled together over the course of many years of experience, offer the best in the industry with a minimum impact to available ROW.CS Lease - AC and Lightning Mitigation - Power Lines

AC and Lightning Mitigation Testing and Design

C&S Lease Service is capable of offering mitigation testing and design based on current American standards as well as the more recent and elaborate European standard. Common standards utilized during our testing and designs phases are found below:

Regulatory Standards and Guidelines.
American NACE SPO-177 – Mitigation of Alternating Current and Lightning Effects on Metallic Structures and Corrosion Control Systems
NACE SPO-169 – Control of External Corrosion on Underground or Submerged Metallic Piping Systems
NACE Corrosion State-of-the-Art: Corrosion Rate, Mechanism, and Mitigation Requirements (Publication 35110) Task Group 327Task Group 327
NACE-Mitigation of Arcing Risks to Pipelines Due to Phase-to-Ground Faults at Adjacent Transmission Power line Structures; (NACE Paper No. 4389)
The INGAA Foundation, Inc. – Criteria for Pipelines Co-Existing with Electric Power Lines (Report No. 2015-04)
European BS EN 15280:2013 – Evaluation of a.c. corrosion likelihood of buried pipelines applicable to cathodically protected pipelines

Utilizing these standards (among others) for AC and Lightning Mitigation, C&S Lease Service can provide a turn-key product to help protect your personnel and pipeline assets from hazards associated with collocated ROW’s. These solutions are carefully designed with your choice of data collection methods and AC analysis that best reflects your budget and project expectations.

Data Collection and Analysis

Data collection and analysis methods range from field based designs reliant on professional backgrounds and experience with careful attention given to field collected data (AC Voltage, AC Current Density, Soil Resistivity, etc…); to custom pipeline computer modeling based on algorithms to produce limited liability designs.

Our recommended mitigation systems include custom designed solutions that vary based on land access/available work space, grounding requirements, and available resources. A few of the more standard design items can be found below.

Common Installation Items
Personnel and Public Protection Flange, Union, and Tubing Isolation Device Decouplers (PCR, SSD, etc…)
Gradient Control Mats
Custom Switch Configurations for Decoupling Devices*
Custom Hazard Signage
Pipeline and Equipment Protection Flange, Union, and Tubing Isolation Device Decouplers (PCR, SSD, etc…)
Deep Vertical Point Ground (DVPG)
Linear Zinc and/or Copper Grounding
System Monitoring Coupon Test Stations
Remote Monitoring Units

Rig Near Power Lines - AC and Lightning Mitigation - CS Lease

Project Development and Project Management

The C&S Lease Service in-house project development and project management teams are well experienced with any size of project you may require help with. From small projects to large, C&S Lease Service can cover all!

Typical scope of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive AC Modeling using CDEGS Software
  • AC & Lightning (ACLM) Survey, Design, and Testing
  • Deep Soil Resistivity Testing and Modeling
  • AC Interference Risk Analysis
  • Conforms to All Applicable NACE and European standards
  • Mitigation Designed for Personnel, Equipment, Pipeline Integrity, and Coating Stress
  • Direct Assessment for AC Corrosion
  • Self-Contained Cathodic Protections Systems for All Mitigation Designs
  • Decoupler Switch Designs Optional for Interrupted Surveys
  • ACLM System Operational Training for Testing and Future Surveys
  • All Around ACLM Review, Testing, Design, Installation to Maintain DOT Compliance